Dolphins, 2020-21

Welcome to Dolphin Class


Mrs Bowles (Teacher)       Miss Sims (TA)               Mrs Cartledge (TA)



22nd October 2020 – Art

We have almost completed all our Gustav Klimt, Tree of Life inspired pieces of art work.  Here is a gallery of the first few to be finished, more pictures to follow …


15th October 2020 – PE, sports festival

Today we had our second sports festival with Miss Moore, a PE teacher from the college.  This time we focused on netball, playing lots of games to improve our accuracy of passes, catching and goal shooting. One of our favourites was battleships where we had to try and bounce pass the ball to land inside our opponents hoops, scoring a different amount of points depending on how far away the hoops were.


8th October 2020 – RE, Judaism

After finishing our Homes topic we have started learning about Judaism.  We have looked at the Synagogue, the symbols and their traditions around prayer, reflecting on the similarities and differences between our religions.


Dolphin Class Homework Letter_Oct2020


30th September 2020 – Music

Every Friday morning we have ukelele lessons with music teacher Mr Hopkins.  We have impressed him with how quickly we have learnt how to clap out a beat, play single cords and have now started putting these cords together to start playing songs. We look forward to these lessons each week and are enjoying playing together as a whole class.


21st September 2020 – RE

We have started this half term thinking about our homes and families.  Considering what makes a house a home and why are homes are special and what they mean to us.  We have started learning about St Paul and what he wrote in letters advising others on God’s hopes for every family.  We reflected on how we can show God’s love and kindness through our actions at home and in school.


19th September 2020 – English

In English we have been writing to entertain, focusing on meeting stories. We have enjoyed text mapping and performing our model text Poppy, Waldo and the Giant and have started to create our own versions with our own magical/mythical creatures.


17th September 2020 – PE, sports festival

We would usually attend Brixham College several times a term for inter primary school sports festivals, unfortunately due to the current situation this is not possible.  However, Brixham College PE leaders are coming to us instead and today it was Dolphins turn.  Miss Moore led us in tag rugby festival lessons, practising key skills we had a fabulous time and can’t wait until our next festival afternoon.


15th September 2020 – Maths

Since returning to school we have been exploring place value, using different resources to help us represent numbers, write them in digits and words, moving onto ordering and comparing numbers too.  The children have shown great mathematical skill!

14th September 2020 – Art

In art this half term we are exploring the Tree of Life by artist Gustav Klimt.  So far we have started by exploring the elements of art and how these are all combined together in different ways to form all art. We are going to continue our learning by experimenting ourselves with the elements of art using different pencil grades.


10th September 2020 – PE

We will be completing PE lessons twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday, initally focusing on ball skills, working towards playing basketball games.  We had great fun being outside in the fresh air, working together in teams learning how to accurately complete chest passes and bounce passes.


7th September 2020 – Welcome Back

What a wonderful first week back we have had in Dolphins Class.  It has been so lovely to have a full class again after so long, with everyone ready to learn and excited to meet their friends.    The children have enjoyed immensely being back together; playing and learning alongside their friends.

During this time we have made a fantastic start to our recovery curriculum with lessons starting with exploring our emotions in support of our mental wellbeing.  We shared a fantastic books all about a little rock called Ishi and how he copes in different situations and how we can all spread a little happiness.  We even created our own Ishi rocks to help us when feeling a little worried about being back at school.



All the children have taken to our new routines and procedures to keep us safe all in their stride and I couldn’t be more proud of them all.  Well done Dolphins, I look forward to a fun, learning packed year with you all.

Dolphin Class Welcome Letter_Sep2020