Sharks, 2020-21

Week beginning 18th January 2021

It’s been another fantastic week of remote learning for Sharks. We have been finding out about different biomes in geography, working on our understanding of division in maths and changing the mood of our writing in English. We have also been manipulating ‘sprites’ and making them move on Scratch and we have been so fantastic that Mrs C wants US to lead next week’s lesson instead of her. By exploring Jesus’ mission in RE, we have been considering what qualities are needed to become a volunteer for a charity. All in all, a great week and we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us with our learning, both in school and at home. Here are some photos from this week.

Week beginning 11th January 2021

It has been such an amazing week. Sharks have been really engaged with their remote learning both in school and at home. Thank you to all of you, who have been supporting them and seeing their smiling faces on the live sessions is a real tonic. Here are some photos from this week, in celebration of their wonderful learning.

Week beginning 4th January 2021

I’d just like to begin by saying how proud I am of Sharks and their Home Learning efforts this week. They have been amazing but they wouldn’t have been so successful without all the support at home.

Starting on Monday, we have the launch of our live lessons and I am really excited about this.  All Sharks need to do is get up and be ready for 9am and I will do the rest.

Really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.


Week beginning 7th December

This week in English, we have started to publish our letters for our Proud Authors Wall. We are making sure that we have checked our writing for spelling and punctuation errors and have also ensured that we are producing our best handwriting. We keep asking if we can go up to the wall so that we can compare our current piece of writing to our last piece. In this way, we can make sure that there has been an improvement.

Most of us have taken our Star Reader test this week for Accelerated Reader and Mrs Callaghan is really pleased with our improved ZPD scores. We just need to keep up the reading at home so that we continue to get even better.

Week beginning 30th November

In RE, we have moved into Advent and loved making our Advent wreath. We are all very excited that we are on our journey towards Christmas and are looking forward to all the preparations we need to make along the way.


Week beginning 23rd November

In Science this week, we have been exploring the 3 different states of water. Mrs Callaghan conducted some fabulous experiments where we observed the changes from a solid to a liquid and a gas to a liquid. We also found out how to speed up the melting process of ice by adding salt to it. Mrs Callaghan was really impressed with our scientific vocabulary and we used this well when we recorded our observations on labelled diagrams.

Week beginning 16th November

In Maths, we have now finished our teaching unit on Subtraction and have started our new unit on Multiplication and Division. This week, we have been investigating multiples, factors and prime numbers. Knowing what these are, will help us calculate and problem solve more efficiently.


Week beginning 9th November

We really enjoyed our Children in Need day today (Friday 13th November) and of course the opportunity to wear our own clothes. Thank you for your donations and we look forward to seeing how much we raised sometime next week.

Week beginning 2nd November

We have been really busy this week designing our Friendship cards as part of our RE unit – Belonging. We thought long and hard about the qualities we look for in a good friend. Loyalty and commitment came out top of the list but there were many others such as being honest, being kind and being forgiving. It was a special moment when the first friendship cards were exchanged – all carried out according to the guidelines outlined in our school risk assessment of course.

Photos to follow.