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Bridget Williams

Chair of the Local Governing Body (LGB) for St. Margaret Clitherow Primary School

My name is Bridget Williams. I am very excited and proud to be taking on the role of a Chair of Governors at SMC. I am a teacher myself and currently work as a middle school teacher at a special school in Torquay. Being a teacher has helped me gain a much needed insight into how schools operate and one thing I am passionate about is ensuring all children in our care reach their full potential.

Outside of school, I have four children of my own who have all attended Sacred Heart Primary School in Paignton. I believe there is something very special and unique about a Catholic education which offers children much needed guidance in an increasingly uncertain world.

Cathy Lowry



I was born in Belfast into a Catholic Irish family, then moved to South Devon before I was two.  From there I was privileged to attend Catholic primary and secondary schools.  After initially not being clear about what I wanted to do, I worked in a bank.  It was only after having my first daughter and helping to set up a nursery at the local school that I truly knew what path I should follow.  From there I undertook a Bachelor of Hons in  English and Drama at Exeter University and embarked on my teaching career in 1998.  I have loved every  minute, taught every year group and been leader of most subjects at some point.  I am passionate about exposing our children to as many books as possible and helping them see that reading is the road to success.  I love to see a child immersed in a book that they can’t put down and then being disappointed when it comes to an end.  I believe in helping every child be the best they can be, harnessing their uniqueness and showing them that they were formed by God’s hands, dreamed up in his heart and placed in this world for a purpose.  I was a Deputy Head for eight years, a Head Teacher for five years and am now honoured to lead as Interim Executive Head at St Margaret Clitherow.

Cheryl Mealey – Parent Governor


My name is Cheryl Mealey and I am very excited to be joining the governing body as a Parent Governor. My youngest daughter very happily attends SMC and I am a strong supporter of the school’s ethos and principles.  Becoming a Parent Governor has provided an excellent opportunity to give something back to this wonderful school.  Whilst this is my first experience of being a School Governor, I look forward to being part of a team that challenges the school to perform to the best of its ability and to ensure that all children leave having reached their full potential.  As a primary school teacher myself, I am truly passionate about the education that children receive and have a desire to ensure that every child gets the best possible opportunities to succeed in life.

Lorraine Dudman – Staff Governor

I joined the team at St Margaret Clitherow in 2017 where I am the Assistant Head, SENDCo and Curriculum Leader. Prior to this, I was Deputy Head for 9 years at Combe Pafford School which caters for children with Moderate Learning difficulties and Autism and I also worked for the Medical Tuition Service at Torbay Hospital supporting children and young people with medical needs. I have previously undertaken the role of Teaching and Learning Consultant for the local authority as well as supporting schools in challenging circumstances.

I am passionate about inclusion & curriculum development and dedicated to ensuring that our pupils come to school each day to be part of an engaging, happy and safe learning environment which supports them with every aspect of their education, meeting their needs and impacting on personal development.

Diana Taylor – Foundation Governor My name is Diana Taylor and I am very excited to be taking up the role of a Governor at SMC. I qualified as a teacher in 2003. I am originally from the Midlands and moved to Devon nine years ago. I am currently working at Sacred Heart Primary School in Paignton. I work as a teaching assistant in the mornings and as a teacher  in the afternoon teaching years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 RE. One of the things I am passionate about is that all children have the right to learn and it is our job to enable this.
Outside of school I enjoy running the children’s liturgies each Sunday morning in church and work closely with Father Ralph Candy helping the children work towards their First Holy Communion each year.



If you would like to contact our Chair of Governors please go through the school address: 

St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School,

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